So what is Pursuing Private Practice all about??


Welcome to the blog! We’re so happy to have you here.

The history of Pursuing Private Practice

Pursuing Private Practice (PPP) has been such a journey for me, filled with ups and downs. It’s ironic that PPP’s business path is very similar to the path to success I took with my private practice path! I started Eat With Knowledge in the summer of 2011, and it took me awhile to find my way. Fast forward to now, and I have a full practice with great clients that energize and inspire me, and every day I LOVE what I do.

I decided to write a book about private practice to help professionals just like YOU! Many people have asked me “What can I do to start and grow a business?” Dietitians, therapists, and counseling professionals don’t have an automatic business school built into their professional training. By writing the books on private practice, I could deliver this information in a fun, informative way.

So, what now?

Many healthcare professionals have bought my books and have used the information there to turn their dreams into a reality. But they want more. So now, I finally have more to give! Stay tuned. We’re working on an e-course to help you go from scratch to being a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER in just 10 (or so) lessons on private practice. And if you own a private practice now, you can make yours BETTER with information we’ll be providing. Until the e-course is available, we’re going to use this space to start your education, so you can become a better, smarter business owner. You can expect blog posts on these topics:

  • How to legally form your business and make the boring stuff more exciting
  • How to deal with all of the tedious registrations you need with website links to get them fast!
  • How to get your finances organized
  • How to get your business off of a piece of paper and into a beautiful office space
  • How to develop the policies, forms, and handouts you’ll need for your clients
  • How to find your ideal client, and determine which ones to refer to others (thus getting more of the clients you want to work with)
  • How to network with others—and a warning: it’s much more than just exchanging business cards.
  • How to get clients to come back for more appointments and buy more services
  • How to use social media to grow your business
  • How to find work/life balance (but spoiler alert: it will always be a balancing act).

This journey is truly a journey, and no one is perfect.  But don’t let fear stop you from reaching your dreams.  You’ve got this!  With our support, you’ll be guided to a successful private practice!

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