Find Your Community to Increase Referrals

If you’ve zoned in on your ideal client, it’s time to find the community that will help you get more of these clients! In order to increase referrals from other professionals, you need to be networking with the community that serves your client population.  That’s how they’re going to learn about you and your services.  Ask yourself, “Who is my community and how can I meet them?”

Who are like-minded professionals who may also treat clients you want to have?  Where do these professionals work?  Are they doctors or specialists?  Are they personal trainers?  Are they social workers?  Do they belong to organizations or are they involved in committees?  Where do these professionals go for continuing education?  Where do they network?  Consider trying to speak at one of their networking events or going to a meeting to learn more about their profession.

Who else in your community does a similar job to yours?  Or are there clinicians who have the ideal job that you want to have?  Go out and meet them too!  Remember, there are more than enough clients to go around, and no one is ever in direct competition with you.  These are valuable connections who will sometimes serve you more than other professional connections.  The more you build up one another, the more you both succeed.  Get to know your colleagues, and you’ll both be sharing secrets for success and thriving.

There are various organizations for small businesses that can also help with networking and making connections.  Check out local entrepreneur groups, mentoring for small business organizations, and local Chambers of Commerce.  There also might be opportunities for networking with professionals online, such as professional groups, listservs, LinkedIn, and social media.