Can you REALLY take a vacation as an entrepreneur?

We all know that owning a business is filled with ups and downs and pros and cons. There are so many benefits in private practice like creating your own schedule and being your own boss, but yet there are some cons like always being “on”.

Many professionals say that they just “can’t get away from work” because they are nervous about leaving their business. I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to take a vacation! And you SHOULD. Having some “off” time from work will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle even more goals when you come back.

How to Balance Work/Life with Time Off

1. Plan your time off well in advance. Clients (and referral sources) appreciate a “heads up” that you will be gone so they can plan too! Make sure you tell clients at least a month in advance that you will be away.

2. Schedule an “away message” for your email so people know you’re off. Let them know when you will return and reply to their message.

3. If possible, get some coverage! Having another professional “cover” your practice while you are gone may give you even more peace of mind. This can range from answering client questions to scheduling social media posts.

4. Truly RELAX on vacation or during your time off. There are so many benefits to taking a real “break”. Your brain needs time to rejuvenate and rest. When you get adequate self-care time (including some sleep!) you will feel so much more refreshed and ready to take on more business goals when you get back.

5. On your first day back (or first few days) schedule in some “white space” to make sure you have time to catch up. This usually means catching up on emails, social media, client needs, and talking to team members. You will feel much more organized if you have some “blank space” to make room for what you will need to accomplish when you get back.