3 Successful Strategies for Goal Setting

As we start to say goodbye to 2016, we can reflect on all that we accomplished over the year.  The start of 2017 is a great time to think about upcoming business goals and strategies for success.  Think about it as a “New Year’s Resolution” for your business!


I have found 3 strategies helpful for setting goals.  I’ll tailor these ideas to private practice, but just know they can support any area of your life.

1.Write down your goals and set times to evaluate your progress. I want you to open your calendar right now and enter those goals at the beginning of the month of January 2017.  Then pick a few times (maybe every 3 months, maybe 6 months, maybe even monthly) and check-in with yourself about your goals.  They can be big or small, but I encourage you to make them challenging.  Maybe you want to get your business polices in order? Increase your social media following? Redecorate your office as a reflection of you? Attend a conference? Whatever it is, step out of your comfort zone in business!

2. Make your goals SMART. You may have heard this strategy before. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.  Don’t just say “I want to start a private practice”.  Say, “I want to start a private practice specializing in couples counseling by June 2017.  I want to: a) have my policies in place 1 month before opening, b) rent office space by May 2017, and c) have a basic website up and running by the time I open.”

3. Tell your goals to people who can help you! You may want to keep some things private, but I really encourage you to tell people what you’re working on—especially people who can support you, like mentors, potential referral sources, and other professional colleagues in your field.  The more people who know your goals, the more encouragement you can get.  Look for people who will inspire you.  Create your inner circle.  Me included!  Let me know your goals, because I’m here to support you.

Cheers to 2017!  May the new year bring you tons of success!